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Motion Sensor LED Lamp Lumact 360º InnovaGoods Grey (Refurbished B)

Motion Sensor LED Lamp Lumact 360º InnovaGoods Grey (Refurbished B)

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If you are passionate about the world of gadgets, InnovaGoods offers you the best and most original new items for the home, car, travel, children, technology, entertainment, etc.! Discover a wide range of high-quality products that stand out thanks to their functionality, efficiency and innovative design, such as the Motion Sensor LED Lamp Lumact 360º InnovaGoods Grey (Refurbished B)!

The Lumact InnovaGoods LED lamp with 360º movement sensor is ideal for lighting transit areas such as stairs, hallways, dressing rooms, corridors, entrances to homes, garages, storage rooms, etc. Thanks to its compact and portable design, it takes up little space and fits in anywhere that you want light up.

This versatile LED light activates when it detects movement in the dark thanks to its infrared sensor. It features an adjustable angle and 360º rotation so you can adjust it to the desired position. It is also battery operated and can be installed easily using adhesive bonding on the desired surface or by using the mounting accessories included.

  • Modern, original and portable design
  • Works using 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Removable support-base
  • Infrared movement sensor
  • Movement detection in the dark
  • 90º detection angle, a reach of up to 8 m
  • Multi-position: 360º rotation, adjustable angle
  • 7 white LED lights, multipurpose auxiliary lighting
  • Versatile and adaptable, for indoor and outdoor use
  • On/off button to activate/deactivate the device
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to transport and store
  • Easy installation using adhesive: firm hold
  • Holes on the support-base to screw in place if desired
  • Includes resistant Nano PU adhesive, plugs and screws

This transit area light can be installed easily on the desired surface using the double sided adhesive included (Nano PU). It can also be installed using the plugs and screws included, or it can simply be placed on a horizontal surface with support.

Once installed, you need to adjust the orientation of the device towards the detection area. It features an on/off button for activation/deactivation; when it is activated, the LED will automatically switch on when it detects movement when the room is dark or has very low lighting. After several seconds, it will automatically switch off until it detects a new movement.

  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: Grey
  • Type: Electric
  • Modern design: Innovative and functional
  • LED Lamp: x7 LED (1,06 W)
  • Luminous flux: 21 lm
  • Colour temperature: 15000-18000 K
  • Infrared motion sensor: Movement detection
  • Approx. range: 90º angle up to 8 m
  • Multi-position: Adjustable angle and swivel base (360º rotation)
  • Mounting base: Removable
  • Easy to set up: Attached using adhesive or rawlplugs and screws (included)
  • Robust adhesive (Nano PU): Firm hold
  • On/off button: Single button
  • Easy to use: Convenient and easy to use
  • Multifunction: Has various uses and spaces
  • Versatile and adaptable: Indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact: Takes up a small amount of space
  • Light and manageable: Easy to transport and store
  • Original and portable: Without cables
  • Number of batteries: 4
  • Battery type: AA
  • Batteries included: No
  • Approx. dimensions: 12 x 14 x 12 cm
REFURBISHED: These are products that have been returned within their return period or display products that have occasionally been used for demonstrations; some are sold with some damage to the packaging or with the original packaging having been opened. All products have been checked, they include the official brand guarantee and are in perfect working order. Depending on their condition, they are classed as:
  • A+/ Perfect: products in perfect condition whose original packaging may have been opened or substituted by other packaging that is in very good condition.
  • A/ As New: products that are in perfect, as new, condition, their original packaging may have been opened, have some damage or may have been substituted by other packaging.
  • B/ Very Good: products that are in very good condition, with possible slight aesthetic imperfections, they function perfectly and their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.
  • C/ Good Condition: products are in good condition, with possible aesthetic imperfections but working perfectly, their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.
  • D/ Correct: Products in correct condition, with possible aesthetic imperfections or lacking an accessory, in perfect working condition and their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.
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